Holy Trinity News
August 2019

            The Rev. Martha A. (Marty) Stebbins is our new Bishop Elect.  There's a good article about her is on the Diocesan website here.  The election was accomplished within three ballots, and completed by 1:30. 
            Ordination of the new Bishop will take place on December 7, 2019 at the Cathedral in Helena.

Events in August at Holy Trinity
            Holy Eucharist Services will be held on Sundays during August led by Angel Bolling.  We will be discussing and voting on when Morning Prayer services will be held beginning in September.  If you haven't yet spoken with a Vestry member, please speak with them.
            Evening mid-week Eucharist services are held on Thursdays at 7:00 p.m..  All are, of course, welcome.
            Our Bible Study is taking a break until September.  You are welcome to join us then.

Building and Grounds
            The front porch has been completed!  Please be careful that there is no longer a step when entering at that door.  It's even with the bottom of the door.
            The grounds are being excellently maintained by Jill Wilson and look wonderful!  If anyone would like to assist with that, please contact her.

News Around the Diocese
            If you haven't had the opportunity to read the news in the Diocese, take a look here.

Daily Liturgy Readings
            Many of us like to read the daily readings with the Liturgical Calendar, but finding them can be a chore.  At this link, you will find the daily readings for the month, each with a link that makes reading them easy.  Additionally, there's something to help you experience "Quiet Time" – a time to meditate, pray, or simply sit and listen for the voice of God.  Try to find an hour each week to do that for yourself.

August Feast Days
This month's Feast/Holy Days include
·         August 6 – Transfiguration.  This holy day is the celebration witnessed by Peter, James and John when Christ met with Moses and Elijah.  Historians put the mountain either traditionally at Mt. Tabor or Mt. Hermon.  You can read about the Mount of Transfiguration here.
·         August 15 – St. Mary, the Virgin.  This holy day is to celebrate the life of Mary, and those events that are transcribed in the Bible.  These include the nativity, visitations, and stories surrounding her travels during the life of Christ.
·                     August 24 – St. Bartholomew.  It is assumed that the Bartholomew mentioned in the Synoptic gospels is also the same Apostle named Nathaniel in John.  In Hebrew, Bar-Talmai, son of Talmai, indicates that there's another name, which is named in the Synoptic gospels.  He preached in Armenia and was skinned alive at the time of his death before beheading.  This is depicted in Michelangelo's Sistine painting of the Last Judgment.

Prayer Shawl Ministry
            The Prayer Shawl Ministry is currently meeting the first and third Sundays from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.  New and experienced knitters, crocheters and all around crafty organizers are always welcome.  Additionally, part of what we really need are names of people who need the shawls!  Prayer shawls only do some good when they're wrapped around people.  We've got all sorts of sizes and colors, and include lap blankets for those not so fond of shawls.  Each stitch is made with prayer, and often they get passed from person to person as people need to be wrapped in prayer.
            The next couple of months, we're focusing on scarves and hats to replenish the supplies at the Elementary and High Schools.  Come join us!
            So, contact Angel, Kris or Jill with names and ideas of how to best get a shawl or blanket to them, and we will do our best to make that happen! 

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