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Journal - October, 2015

October  4, 2015  - Our Ad in The Western News appeared in The Smart Shopper . Pam suggested we work with the Adult Education Classes, Beginning Knitting & Knitting II by offering them the use of our material, & support.  The students would come to PSM meeting, get acquainted, pick up material, and donate their work to those needing comfort…We made contact but could not make arrangements).  Angel reported that while she attended Convention  she had run out of yarn for her project so she made 4 Prayer Patches and gave them away.  Kris tied ends on her completed turquoise triangular shawl. Jeanie popped in for a short while and worked on her yellow baby Cover.  A new ‘member’ came in to help us use up our yarn supply.  Darla Howard and her husband are snow birds, spending winter time in Arizona.  We gave her 5 med. Balls, and 13 partial or single skeins of yarn.  Now she will have a supply of yarn to make up this winter.  She will return in the spring to rejoin us.

October 6, 2015  Pam helped me mail two boxes stuffed with our items.  One went to:

Gethsemane – Manhattan – We sent 3 shawls, 3 covers, 1 cap & scarf set, 1 small hat, & 2 teddy bears for a 2 and  3 year old. 

 Another one went to the CSI Refugee Center – We sent  2 shawls, 3 blankets, about 24 hats, and 3 scarves.

October 11, 2015 - Angel and I were in attendance – I finished cleaning the donated purple yarn, Angel completed a really nice scarf in one day’s knitting time. 

October 18, 2015 - Angel and I enjoyed working together – She has nearly completed a really nice shawl of cream and autumn colored stripes.  I worked with a poncho made of three large granny squares in forest colors.

Totals this month:  Prayer Patches – 4;  Shawls – 2;  Caring Covers – 1;  Scarves - 1;  New Members – 1; Mailed  2 boxes of completed items.

Journal - September, 2015

September 6, 2015 - Angel and I were the two members in attendance today – Angel finished her granny Square shawl and I worked with the purple yarn donation that needed cleaning – It works to just make ‘cakes’ of it…To keep from cutting the yarn I made two stacking, thus leaving the yarn intact…

September 13,  2015 - Angel has started a new project using a new stitch – the Angel  Stitch, in  a beautiful tangerine color.  I took pictures of 3 bags of donated yarn that Kelly Lawson gave me.  There were several large cones of yarn in a ‘baby’ or ‘lace’ size.  The last time we received cones of yarn I plied or twisted 2 or 3 together.  This time we thought we would leave them ‘as is’ so the ‘artists’ could make their own combinations.  

There also were the beginnings of two projects, one is nearly finished so I am finishing, checking for loose ends and adding a border.  It will make a nice Caring Cover .  After I made some cakes of loose skeins Angel and I ‘filed’ the yarn.  

After looking at the bulging shelves in  the Yarn Barn Angel and I decided what we NEED is more needle artists.  So we thought we would put an ad in the Western News Community Services column – “The Prayer Shawl Ministry in Lincoln County is in desperate need of knitters/crocheters.  We have a couple of large projects we’re making hats, scarves, and blankets for – and we’ve been blessed with an abundance of yarn!  Meetings Sunday 2-4pm at Holy Trinity, US Highway 2 at the corner of Third Street and Missoula Avenue, Troy, MT  Call 295-9875 or 295-5545 for more information.”  We asked for 4 times..Can’t wait to see what happens…We were thinking of the Refugee Camp in Twin Falls who have told us they have a definite need for our product, and perhaps the VFW locally, but they are not well organized to receive such gifts. “We could just leave things on the table just inside the door at the Club”. 

Pam & Angel will carry our need to Convention the first week in October and Angel will take the same message to the Ministerial Assn.

September 20, 2015 - We opened our session today with a prayer from our new Prayer Shawl Companion book.  Angel finished a beautiful purple shawl (with narrow stripes of red and gold) in her Trinity Pattern  for her mother who is I n the hospital, and has started another one in cream and autumn colors.  Jeanie worked with us for a short spell on her white with yellow ribbon Cover for a little girl with tonsillitis.  We asked Pastor Craig to bless the items that Gail has given us, 2 scarves, 15 prayer patches, and a shawl, plus the items we have completed, and I worked with donated yarn thinking I could use some Forest variegated yarn with a couple of plain colors to make a giant granny square poncho for Pam who often helps us out. 

We had a visitor, a young man who was tired carrying a heavy back pack including his bible, walking the circle of Libby, down highway 56 to Sandpoint back to Bonners Ferry and Troy.  Angel fixed an omelet for him and took him to dispatch where he can get a voucher for a room where he can refresh himself.  “One of the least of these” .

Totals to-date   Prayer Shawls-3;  Caring Covers- 1; Scarves -2; Prayer Patches -15;  Visitors 1; Placed an ad in Western News asking for knitters/crocheters so we can use our abundance of yarn to give to many, perhaps refugees, or foster children…

Journal - August 2015

August 2, 2015    Another beautiful very warm day!!  Kris is working with a medley of black & tan creating a triangular shawl.  Angel is creating a forest green and cream shawl and I worked a bit with a dark lavender cowl, completing it.  We discussed creating a gift for Karen & Judith.  Maybe a Cover done in squares some with Christian symbols done with filet crochet.  I said I would gather ideas and attempt a design…

August 9, 2015   Angel is on hand working on her shawl, a great big granny square in dark green & cream. She gave the group 2 candle holders created with a knitted cable stitch design on each side…Jeanie was with us for a short spell – She has offered her supply of hats to be sent to the refugees in Twin Falls when we hear from the Prayer Shawl Ministry.  She also took a shawl for a woman with a broken neck (who is doing well)

August 16, 2015    Kris is with us today.  She had completed a beautiful triangular shawl made with baby alpaca in black & tan.  I completed one of the shawls that the Mormon ladies donated by blocking and applying a wide border.  Angel has her Great Granny Square shawl with her, and Jeanie popped in for awhile.  She brought a donation of a knitting loom and a sack of purple yarn that must have been stored in a barn.  It must be cleaned somehow.  We would like to return the Copier that Dale gave to Holy Trinity.  It must be used oftener than we have need for to keep it operational.  The ink heads dry and if one of the colors is nonfunctional, none of them work.  I have paid for three complete sets of ink cartridges and  that is my limit…

August 23, 2015    Angel & I worked on a design for an upcoming project, Jeanie is starting a new white with yellow ribbon Caring Cover for a little girl with tonsillitis. Kris is beginning a new triangular shawl, and I finished putting crocheted fringe on my blue multi shawl.  Pam helped me box up Dale’s copier.  The Knit wits are returning it to Holy Trinity.  Dale will be contacted to find what he wants to do with it.

August 30, 2015    I opened this session lighting a candle  and with a prayer asking for God’s blessing on our endeavors.  Angel is working on her giant granny square,  Jeanie is working on her white with yellow ribbon Cover for a sick little girl.  She took enough purple yarn to make another Cover,  and I tied Knit Wit Gift cards to the items that were blessed this morning, a yellow, orange, brown hat and scarf set, a Triangular Shawl made of Baby Alpaca yarn in black, tan & cream, a knitted coral shawl, a tweed border shawl, and a  shawl in shades of blue,& green using excess tiny balls of yarn…

Journal - March 2015

March 8, 2015:  Kathryn tried to attend – but Angel was running a bit late and missed her…Because there was smoke in the air it was probably in Kathryn’s favor that she returned home – Hope she can come next week.  Mariel was a no-show again this week…  Peggy Schultz from LDS church returned Prayer Shawl pattern book that had been borrowed .  Turns out her mother is Episcopalian, 88 years old and wants to attend but is afraid of falling…Angel gave her information on the phone program for Morning Prayer and Compline.  Jeanie is about 3 rows short of finishing a really beautiful round blanket.  Angel finished her zigzag one and took 3 homespun to try one of the patterns in the back of the book which was just returned.  Kris finished her beautiful  orange one and has started a gray one…

March 15, 2015:  Angel and Jeanie were in attendance – but Mariel was absent once again. 

March 20, 2015:   A shawl was given to the wife of the Pastor of the Assembly of God Church.  She has been ill for some time.

March 22, 2015:   Kathryn brought 4 hats and two shawls, one a triangular turquoise, and one a rectangular burgundy.  I promised to block each.  Jeanie is working on another circular blue and white and Angel working with the homespun…I worked with yarn odds and ends…turning messes into cakes…

March 23 – Pam and I took 4 Caring Covers to the Dialysis Center in Sandpoint.  Bob’s Doctor appointment was in the same building.

Totals for March to-date  Shawls – 4;  Caring Covers – 1;  Hats 4.

Journal – March 2014

March 2, 2014:  Another cold, misty day, but four of us met to work together. Jeanie is working on a cover of Perfect Pink and Pink Camo. Angel is crocheting her project using wide black bands with narrow bands of bright colors. Kris is starting a new shawl in a shade of avocado. I worked with the Prayer Patches, sorting by size. There were 50 of them. Angel took 2 covers and a hat to The Door of Hope prayer meeting where Pastor Craig blessed them for us.

March 9, 2014:  Angel and I were the only ones able to work this afternoon. She is making progress with her black project and I worked with the incomplete projects that Joyce Hoff gave to us when she moved to the Washington Coast to live with her daughter. There are three panels in one project in Tunisian stitch with embroidered brightly colored flowers. I am wondering if the two pale gray ones would make wall panels to be hung in the foyer and perhaps the center white one could be remodeled into covers for the acolytes chair and the “Bishops” chair. We will see.

March 16, 2014:  Today Jeanie brought us three hats and she showed us pictures of two baby covers that she had made from squares that had been in her possession for some time. I sorted many squares that she has given us. There are enough for about 6 new shawls.

March 23, 2014:  It was a pleasure to welcome Kathryn today, and she brought a wagon-load of items, 5 shawls and 9 hats ! Jeanie has been busy as well. She put 3 adult hats and 12 hats for babies on the table. I added a vest with a story. Jeanie’s Mom had nearly completed it for her, I finished and added a border and a button. I also added a cover, one that Joyce Hoff had nearly completed and I added a wide border. I also completed a shawl. Angel is nearly finished with a black lace shawl. Pastor Craig Pierce from the church of the Open Door blessed all of our items. It was a pleasure to visit with him. Quite a day. We missed Kris and Denikka.

March 30, 2014:  Four of us worked together today. Jeanie brought another Cover using white with a strand from her ‘large ball technique tying together many small balls. It is amazing how they always turn out “Just Right’.. she is working with Royal blue and Wildflower, two blues that are beautiful together. Kris was with us today,. She is working with her avocado shawl making good progress. Angel is nearly done with her wide black stripes interspersed with narrow rows of bright colors. I tied gift cards to the items that were blessed recently, and straightened a yarn tangle in the brown section.

Our totals for March: Shawls - 6; Covers - 12; Hats - 28; and a vest.


December 15, 2013 Another damp, cold day but those of us in attendance enjoyed each other’s company. Denikka worked on a scarf of shades of green, Jeanie is working on a cover for her friend, Toddney and she took a shawl to send to a friend from school days that is ill. Angel worked with black and lime green. It will be either a cover or a shawl – can’t wait to find out. I worked with our supply of Prayer Patches. We welcomed a new comer, Cindy Cox, who showed us numerous beautiful toys which she had crocheted. Some of them were needle-felted and showed real talent. We learned that Holy Trinity’s priest will be leading her final service this evening. She has decided that serving three small churches is more than she can handle physically. She feels that she can not serve each church well enough. The Knit Wits gave her a small box of Prayer Patches to use in her visitations and also let her know that we would give her shawls and covers when her knitters fall behind if we have the inventory to do so.

December 8, 2013 Jeanie, Kris, Angel and I reviewed our day at the Fair as we worked. We all agreed that participation was a good thing and we should continue. Jeanie took a triangular shawl in shades of blue for a friend in need of comfort.

December 7, 2013 4-H Christmas Craft Fair - 2013

All went smoothly during set-up and we were ready by opening time thanks to our helpers, Pam, Angel, Jeanie, & Bob. During the day, Kris, Jeanie, Angel and I watched a large number of people pass our table, all seemed to be enjoying themselves, and many showed an interest in our work. During the day $43.00 was donated plus a large sack of good yarn. A young lady of about 11 with her dad stopped to look at the crocheted toys. You could tell she really wanted one, was trying to convenience her dad. She told me she wanted one for her little brother Who was unable to come today. I gave her the little dog and her face just lit up. 41 hats were given to Troy’s Kids, which Denikka will take to the schools for delivery. More than one person told us they were interested in knitting or crocheting with us…Angel, Trinity and I cleaned up. I believe that the time, money and effort spent is worth it. Plus we are helping the 4-H kids.

December 1, 2013 Very Misty rainy, cold day, but Denikka, Jeanie and I enjoyed the warmth of each other’s company. Denikka is working on shades of green scarf, Jeanie made two very Christmasie red & white hats while we worked. She also helped me hang a wreath on the front door made of a layer of greens then many small balls of yarn. We gathered the things that will be needed next Saturday when we take part in the 4H Christmas Craft Fair. Jeanie knew of a lady that needs comfort so she took the triangular, shades of burgundy shawl to her.

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