Quarterly Schedule

Date Hospitality Lessons and Psalm Music Prayers of the People Morning Prayer or Eucharist
04/01/18 Kris Angel Kris Jill Karen
04/08/18 Angel Jill Kris Pat Karen
04/15/18 Jill Pat Jill Pam Kris
04/22/18 Pam Pam Jill Pat Karen
04/29/18 Kris Jill Kris Pam Angel
05/06/18 Angel Kris Angel Jill Dale
05/13/18 Jill Dale Kris Pam Angel
05/20/18 Pam Pam Angel Dale Kris
05/27/18 Kris Angel Jill Kris Dale
06/03/18 Angel Jill Kris Pam Angel
06/10/18 Jill Pat Angel Jill Kris
06/17/18 Pam Kris Jill Pat Dale
06/25/18 Kris Dale Kris Pam Angel