Sunday, January 11, 2009


As with most people, I generally look at the concept of an "epiphany" as those moments of life-altering change, where something has occurred that literally challenges and changes the way I think or feel about something. It is that sort of epiphany that makes up many of the stories of the Bible, whenever Christ performed a miracle -- it made the news! I'm fairly certain that John's epiphany of who Christ was when God's light and voice appeared at the time of His baptism changed him in ways that he never even considered before. John knew that he was the forerunner, that his job was to tell people that Christ was coming, and to prepare, and yet, having absolute, physical confirmation of Christ's existence and seeing Him before him in the flesh, had to have given him a renewed sense of purpose, a certainty that before was merely belief.

And yet it is belief that we all, as every day Christians, must rely on in our day to day functioning. And it is my belief that it is the other type of "epiphany" that provides us with the certainty we seek. Imagine, if you will, the sound of a baby's laugh... the stillness and beauty of a snow covered landscape before being broken by any footprint ... the shaft of sunlight that breaks through the dark clouds of rain ... the look on a pregnant mother's face the first time she feels her child move ... the perfection of the human body. And think about the sense of peace that flows through your entire body when confronted by the *epiphany* that we are blessed, constantly, by the God who loves us enough to provide evidence of our belief, to provide us with the certainty we desire in order to continue on our path.

I grew up in a house where those epiphanies were pointed out, until I was old enough to recognize them for myself, and help in pointing them out to others. I'm one of those fortunate few who learned that certainty is acquired merely by being aware, and knowing the perfection in God's plan is much greater than I can see around me, but taking comfort in the knowledge that it is there, and appreciating the signs provided.

May this season of Epiphany allow you to be aware and turn your own belief to certainty.

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