Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happenings at the Little Church in Troy

This week, we thought we'd simply update everyone on the various programs that our little church is participating in, planning or in the process of. :)

First, one of our most successful outreach programs is the prayer shawl ministry, affectionately known as The Knit Wits. :) We typically have anywhere from 5 to 7 people knitting and crocheting for prayer shawls, and the other program we've already begun, now named Caring Covers, which provides blankets for kids in foster care (giving them something of their own to have, cuddle into and take care of). When we were initially approached about the Linus Program, we loved the concept, but truly don't have the money required to participate in a program that we feel, shouldn't cost money. :) So, the blankets will still get used, but everybody's work is volunteer and there's no overhead. Additionally, there's a program with the military for donating hats and scarves for military members serving in rather colder places - we're checking into that program. :)

Another of our members is very active and aware in the senior community, and is arranging for someone who volunteers to provide foot care on a monthly basis for the seniors. Troy's senior center didn't have an interest in the program, so we figure that our meeting hall will provide enough room to operate the program out of Holy Trinity. The foot care is done on a donation only basis, and the local transportation can be arranged ahead of time. We think this will be a wonderful addition to our community.

In the works are two seminars or workshops - one on financial planning most likely using Dave Ramsey's program, and one on alternative healing. Once we have more information on them, we'll post it here.

That's it for now, but I think great things come from our church. Come check it out. :)

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