Sunday, June 7, 2009

Trinity Concepts

Today being Trinity Sunday, we, of course, focus on the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Rev. James Liggett gave an some interesting concepts in a sermon from June 11, 2006.

He talks about God existing before anything was created, and in speaking His name, the Son was created as an expression of the Father through the Father's Word. The action of speaking is descriptive of the Holy Spirit. Later, he describes it as the Lover (or person who loves), creating the Beloved (the object of affection) through the Love He is expressing.

Extrapolating that, Rev. Liggett goes on to explain that we are created in God's image, and our duty as Christians is to express the Love of God through the Holy Spirit, continuing the cycle begun before time began.

I feel a bit like I'm studying the Tao when it comes to the Trinity, because just as I start to get a grip on the concept, it becomes bigger than I've contemplated, and contemplation continues. :) The interconnectedness, however, described in this sermon is truly fascinating for some future meditation work. :)

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