Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Be Prepared

Of course, this was the message from the Gospel this week, and our wonderful interim Priest, PattiAnn Bennett, gave some examples of how being prepared might look.  Our Boy and Girl Scouts practice this motto, but more to be prepared for anything that might happen for which they will be called upon to assist.  Our governmental agencies, particularly FEMA, practice disaster preparedness and what to do, in case...  Individually, we think about where we live, and what might happen, and what we would need to survive what might happen.  Around here that can be anything from canning and preserving to having a sufficient place set up outside should the electricity go out and you need to keep things frozen, having a supply of wood and stuff enough to take care of minor medical problems. 

One of the interesting parts of the Gospel was the fact that individual preparedness was quite important - it wasn't something you could share, nor was it something you could borrow.  You, personally, have to be prepared. 

The Church of Scotland states: 

The parable has over the years been victim to detailed allegorical interpretation, but the main point is surely about being ready and prepared for the coming of the Lord, a day that is unknown in time, and the oil is representative of the good works that show the dedication, preparedness and attentive waiting for the day when the Lord will return and call his own.
Are you awake?  Are you aware that the time of His choosing could occur at any time?  Are you prepared?

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