Saturday, August 15, 2015

Manna/Living Word/Bread of Life

The Gospel this week comes from John 6, but there are two other passages to look at in conjunction with this:  Exodus 16 and John 1:14.

Christ, being the bread of life, is what's going to allow us to live forever.  While some tend to look at the Bible literally, in the Gospel lesson, we're going to go ahead and assume Christ was not referring to cannibalism.  In fact, we're going to refer back to John 1, and remember that in the beginning was the Word ... and the Word became flesh.

So let's go back to Exodus, when God provided both Manna and quail for the Israelites to eat in the desert.  This had to be eaten the day it was made, as saving it only made it go bad.  This food provided for the physical needs of the body.  But as it did not provide the daily needs for the spirit, all of those people eventually died, in their own time.

Today, we're promised eternal life through Christ, so in the same way, we are given the need to read (eat) the Bible (the Word) daily for our own eternal salvation.

There's a great app being developed called the First5.  And if you're like me, and your phone doesn't accommodate such things as "apps", make a reminder for yourself - set your own alarm - use an egg timer.  And spend the first five minutes each day with God.  All you really need is your Bible.  Get your daily bread...

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