Monday, February 27, 2017

Lent: Week 1; Day 2

"You are my beloved; in you I am well pleased."  Today's video asks if you can hear God's voice speaking those words to you, and if you are able to reciprocate that love, and extol God's glory, delighting in the personal relationship you have with Him.

We tend to think back to the baptism of Christ at these words, but the brothers here are asking you think about your relationship with God, with Christ, and express the joy, the awe, the praise and glory that comes from your heart.  Think about what words you could answer when you hear God say to you, "You are my beloved; in you I am well pleased."  How do you feel when you hear it?  And rather than the knee jerk reaction that you might have, that you are not worthy (none of us are), take the grace, the compliment, at face value - blush if you need to - and know without doubt that you are beloved of God.  Now write down how you feel, how that makes you feel to know that, and what you think of God at this very moment.

And just a little more inspiration to help you along:

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