Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Content with What You Have to Give?

The video for Monday (we were without Internet for an extended period yesterday, so this is late), talks about not only being willing to collaborate with God by giving what we are able to give, but by knowing and being satisfied that what we give will be enough for God to work with.  And it offers the parable of the loaves and fishes.  While it didn't appear to be enough for feeding the multitude of people there, it was all they had to give, and God made it enough.

There's a new cafe in the next town over from us called the Loaves and Fishes Cafe.  It's run by a great lady who had a unique reason for becoming a pastor, and over time, realized that while her calling may have been different, God has used her hands, her efforts, her abilities to great degree, and she serves where and how she is able.  I am told by many that while the food choices are limited, the food itself is phenomenal, and 10% of your meal is given to your choice of seven local and not so local charities.  Although their doors have not been open long, they are already doing great work in helping community needs.

I'm reminded also of Mark 12:42, where the widow put two small copper coins into the treasury, giving all she had to give.  In God's sight, her contribution was much more than those who gave out of their surplus. 

We are all capable of serving God in some way - with our time, our talents, our money, our efforts, and sometimes just our being there and being willing to do what's needed, from vacuuming the floors to cooking food to teaching children to singing to leading - are you content with what you have to give?  And if not, what can you change?

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