Monday, March 31, 2014

Can You Listen and Witness?

Today's video gives the example of a difficulty I particularly have - can you be a listener, rather than a savior?  This is generally the point in society where people divide men from women, as women tend to want to solve their own problems, but they want to be able to share or talk about them with another.  However it's not a gender specific trait, merely a societally trained norm that likely does not need to be continued.

Think about those people who were there at the Cross, being a witness to the pain and suffering Christ experienced - not being able to save Him or solve a problem, but simply being with Him in His last hours.  The ability to stand and witness what is a unique journey for each person is one that should be cherished and encouraged in all people. 

Which is not necessarily to say that people need to wallow in that pain - sometimes the brick method is needed - but that's for another day.

Today, work on listening, being there, when someone needs you to witness for them.

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