Friday, March 7, 2014

A Wish for Your Journey

Today's video from SSJE gives us more of a meditation than a question, for today, they ask you to determine one wish that you would like to see fulfilled in the journey you're on.

Referring to John 14:23-29, there's an excellent post about finding the way, and the tools that Christ gave to us that we might do so.

So in this Lenten Journey, or in this journey we call life, what is a wish that you would have for your own spiritual edification?  Do you feel like Solomon, having to choose what gift God will grant to you?  Or are you thinking about the multitude of gifts God provides and trying to narrow it down to just one?  Or perhaps you're trying to summarize it all into one grand wish...

No one said you can't have more than one wish for your journey.  Just write down the first one now.

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