Thursday, March 27, 2014

Invitation to Change?

Today's video makes a really important point with regard to change in your life.  Br. Tom Shaw points out:
And I think the most wonderful thing about it is that I always know that it’s not the voice of God or the movement of God in my life if it’s something that feels too difficult and too isolating. That whenever God is offering me a challenge, I also have this great sense that well this might be difficult but the spirit will be there and the spirit will … well, the yolk will be easy and the burden will be light.
Think about the ways in which you are being led to change - does it match the description above?  Or is it a change of your own, or society's making - that may not be good for you, that feels too difficult or too isolating?  Perhaps that should be the litmus test with regard to whether we're responding to God's call.

And then there's also the possibility that God is drawing you to change, and you're fighting against it - causing yourself untold amounts of problems.  Prayer and some honest soul-searching may be the best way to determine how your life should go forward.

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