Thursday, March 6, 2014

A New Word

Today's video talks about Christ bringing a new Word.  We can look at this in several ways - literally, there are "words" that we focus on, that bring meaning into our lives.  For instance, "service" is a word that can define how you look at the work you do, what you do for others, what you do for the Church, what you can offer to God.  "Love" is a word with so many meanings, and yet, to imbue your life with love for others, with love of God's creation, with love for ourselves that we might exemplify the commandments brought to us by Christ - is to set an example for others to follow.

Another way of looking at the "new Word", with a capital W, would be to note that Christ and the Word have always been synonymous - that Christ has always been and always is, and always will be One with the Father.  The Word has also been synonymous with creation, and each day there are new mysteries and discoveries and vistas to explore.

So what new Word is God speaking to you today?

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