Thursday, March 20, 2014


Today's video from the brothers of the Society of St. John the Evangelist reminds us of the importance of play, and how we, as adults, need to remember that God is playful as well as serious. 

Look around you in nature, and be reminded that most babies have an instinctive knowledge of how to play.  The video here is a simple reminder to those of us in Montana that while mama moose are to be well-respected, baby moose are still babies, and will play with something as simple as a water sprinkler.  And while today marks the first day of Spring, it's likely not warm enough for us to even be running sprinklers, let alone playing in them.  So go for a walk.  Admire the beauty and thank God for His amazing gifts to us.  Now open your "eyes" a bit further, and feel the wind playing along your skin - picking up leaves to spin in the air - helping birds to fly - move through the tops of the trees, allowing them to dance and sway.  Be still and listen to the absolute cacophony of birds who are picking out the best locations for their nests, flirting with one another - pick out the birds who are scolding, and those being scolded, where the squirrels come in and take their turn at chewing out someone who's disturbed them.  If you need to, borrow a child, and try to see the world in their eyes as you let the love of God that surrounds you bring back that playfulness and joy in His creation, and Thank God for His bounty.

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