Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Playful Love

Today's video discusses and focuses on the the concept of playful love from Jesus, but at the same time, talks about the persistent love that Christ has for all people, from all walks of life.  In focusing on the outward relationships that we can have with other people, Christ removes our inward focus and reminds us that loving ourselves is only half of the equation - He asks that we love others.

So, the challenge for you today is to practice that persistent love of Christ by outwardly showing it in a playful manner.  The brother who was speaking in the video was almost giddy with love and his smile would brighten anyone's day, simply because he is happy to show his love for others.

What about going out of your way to be bright and cheerful to those who have a tendency to exhibit rather more serious and somber demeanor?  Think Tigger to Eeyore, or the final scene of Heartbreak Ridge where Aggie waves a little flag as Highway comes home.  A little bit of effort, a sincere compliment, an unexpected flower or card - these can go a long way in playfully expressing the love of God in relationship.

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