Saturday, March 8, 2014

Praying with Imagination

Well, since today's "video" is a compilation of the past three, I went to the portion of the SSJE website that offers "Monastic Wisdom".  There, there's a five-part series on Living Prayer, each of which gives an example of traditional methods of prayer.  Today, we'll address Praying with Imagination, which you can listen to, or read, as you wish.

Praying with imagination seems to be a bit more than traditional "prayer", but more of a meditation, where you place yourself into an event from one of the Bible's passages.

So after reading or listening to the sermon, and following the guided meditation, think about the following questions:
  • Did you enjoy this method?
  • If you were to try it again, what events would you use to put yourself into?
  • In the spirit of Lent, choose one of the last days in the Gospels leading up to Christ's crucifixion - what do you choose?  What do you learn?
  • Is this potentially a method of prayer that might be used with children, to help them become more connected with Christ?

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