Sunday, March 30, 2014


Today's video introduces the topic this week of Collaboration. The brothers give several examples of collaboration that can occur within their monastic life, collectively and personally.

So first, here, the definition of collaboration is the act of working, one with another; cooperating.  One of the brothers talked about the collaboration it took to create the laws under which the brothers live, and that they are constantly in collaboration about those, helping one another to fulfill the tasks and teaching new brothers the ropes, so to speak.  In our own church life, we have the same collaboration for vestry work, committee work, accomplishing any of the many tasks that must occur in the successful running of a church.

So, apply collaboration in your own life?  Do you include God in your collaborations?  (Marriage, children, secular committees and groups) 

And more importantly, are you currently feeling drawn toward collaborating with someone, and/or with God alone, to accomplish something in your own life that will make you more aware of God in your everyday life?

Anything stopping you from starting today?

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