Saturday, March 29, 2014

Praying through Signs and Symbols

If you've missed any of the videos in this week's Lenten series, please see the last five blog posts to catch up.  Given the topics, tomorrow morning's discussion at coffee hour should be interesting as we find individuals' answers to the questions asked.

And if you're all caught up and would like to continue with the Prayer Series found in the Monastic Wisdom section of the SSJE site, today, we'll talk about the sermon given by Br. Curtis Almquist on praying through signs and symbols.  You can either listen or read, or both.

The challenge here is to see the holy, the complex, the infinite in the simple, everyday signs and symbols we are given, and to live each moment of our lives experiencing the revelation of God.  This is a huge challenge!  But these are things we've been addressing in smaller pieces throughout this Lenten season - how does one live life aware of the Divine in all things?  One moment at a time, one thought at a time, one action at a time - and working to keep God at the forefront of our thoughts that we might be gifted with those revelatory insights in everything we do, everyone we meet, every bit of nature we come across. 

You may find that prayer comes easily to you as you realize the Divine in the simple and cannot help but thank God for the insights He provides through His creation.

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