Sunday, March 23, 2014

Where's Your Invitation?

In today's video, the brothers discuss areas in which God is calling you to new life, to change, to challenge your status quo.    And each time you accept that challenge, there's both the fear of change and the knowledge that there's a support system in place when you accept the invitation.

Fear of change is basically fear of the unknown, the new, but when we realize in accepting that call from God to try something new, out of your comfort zone, that we're not doing something that Christ hasn't already done.  We know that to take that leap is to have the support of Christ, and that there is safety in God's invitation.

So where are you called that you haven't tried before?  Do you love working with children, but fear saying something wrong?  Do you despise getting up in front of people and leading a discussion, but know that you're good at it, and it's something you can truly offer?  Are you gifted in making people feel more comfortable, and occasionally want to throw your arms around someone who doesn't feel well and just pray with them that they'll feel better (and your hands will stop tingling) - but fear the reaction you might get?

Do you feel drawn to helping those in another country?  Have skills that could be put to use in a developing country far more than they can be used here?  Do you want to tell the world about Christ and give hope to people?

So, what's stopping you?  Make a list - but put fears into a separate list.  Make it a practical list, and then list at least three things you could do to overcome those things.  List people who might assist you (as the brothers mentioned, Lazarus needed help to emerge from his own tomb). 

Will you accept the invitation, and let your light shine?

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