Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Invitation, Right Now

Today's video blog talks about how you can change your focus in your every day life and chores to God - still accomplishing the chores and tasks, but finding where the invitation from God to be actively present and participating in life. 

A friend of our parish drives a lot in his work.  He read about the concept of Tibetan prayer wheels and decided that he would, instead, make the wheels of his truck prayer wheels, constantly turning in prayer for the people who pass over the same road as him, for people who need healing or comfort, prayers for peace and understanding, and prayers for strength in everyday tasks.  Each time he sees his tires, he's reminded to adjust the prayers as needed; each time he drives, he can hear the wheels turning, as his mind prays along with them.

So, knowing that God invites each of us to be present in our every-day tasks, to be aware of His presence in all things, stop what you're doing and figure out - what's your invitation, right now, and how will you respond to it?

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