Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Unique Connection

Today's video should definitely make you think, and be truly in awe at how interconnected everything and everyone in the universe is.  The concept brought forward in the Gospel of John is a statement about the oneness of the Trinity - through the Word (also known as Christ), God breathed the universe into existence.  That breath of God, the Holy Spirit, inhabits and enlivens each of us, with every breath taken - and knowing how important and powerful the Word can be - it should make you think about your own words, knowing that the Holy Spirit also powers your very breath that allows you to speak.  The Word is not just what is spoken, but every action you take - it is the manifestation of God.

Talk about a responsibility!  Today, spend the day aware of your own importance, in how you interact with the other creations of God; in how you want your words to be heard, your actions perceived; in how the Holy Spirit flows through your every breath.

Then come back and tell us - in what way did you uniquely reflect the love of God today?


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