Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Have You Said Yes?

Today's video provides another very challenging question:  have you responded to Christ's invitation to new life, and said "Yes!" to who you can become in Christ? 

And if you've said, maybe, I'd like to try this, or no, I'm not really qualified to do that - why?  What's holding you back from being everything that Christ needs you to be - that He's asked you to undertake in His name?

Is there a way that you can at least move forward to answer the call, to make yourself better prepared while you work through whatever is holding you back?  Is there education, languages, skills, preparation, money, time for your kids to grow - any of the things that may be holding you back currently?  Is there someone who can help you accommodate all your reservations about saying "Yes!" to Christ and find work-arounds?

When Christ called the apostles, each of them put down what they were doing, and followed him, becoming fishers of men.  If we truly believe in one, holy catholic and Apostolic church, can we do any less?

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