Monday, December 22, 2014

Fearless - 23rd Day of Advent

While "fearless" does not actually appear in some of the more common translations of the Bible, it describes the state of being of those told "Fear not" or "Be not afraid."  In each instance, the person is told "The Lord is with you."  And because of that, they should hopefully understand that they have nothing to fear.  

This is the case when the angel appeared to Mary to let her know that her life was about to be completely changed.  For a teenager, particularly a girl living in the times and culture she lived in, that had to be a particularly hard challenge.

The 23rd Psalm is likely another Biblical passage that comes to mind with the word "fearless", as would the story of Daniel in the lion's den.  

Think about times you have been afraid.  Have you turned to God to ask Him to be with you, so that you may not be afraid?  If not, why not?  Think about what it means to be so filled with the Holy Spirit that there is no room for fear to abide with you.

Activity for the Day:  Invite a friend over to watch a Christmas movie.  Have popcorn and hot chocolate.  Share the joy of the Advent season!

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