Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Prophet - 10th Day of Advent

The word "prophet" appears over 450 times in the Bible.  Interestingly, the related words of "prophecy" and "prophecies" only occur a total of 23.  

So part of the question for today's meditation:  what is the difference between a prophet and a messenger?  How do you know that a prophet is true?

Most of what is out there on prophecy is that you need to have a regular practice of prayer, and actually listening to the Holy Spirit - that voice that guides us along the right path, rather than the wrong one (and we do know the difference...).  If we listen to that still, small voice (or the loud one that you've been ignoring for too long, and when you do finally listen, it's as if you finally understand that God's been trying to get your attention), then we have an awareness of what's true and what's false.  And if you're still not sure, pray some more, and ask for assistance.  God's pretty generous in His teaching us.

There's an interesting sermon (by Eleanor Wellford at St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Virginia) on modern day prophecy that should hopefully make you think.

Activity for the Day:  Visit a nursing home, a shut-in or an elderly neighbor.  Take along something to read to them, something you baked yourself, or even a stuffed toy.  

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