Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Rejoice - 18th Day of Advent

"Rejoice" and "exceeding(ly) glad (or joyful)" are paired a few times in the Bible.  It appears that Rejoice is the verb, and requires an action on your part.  Feel especially glad or joyful - this is what you should be feeling as you rejoice.

How many of you look forward to singing "Joy to the World" on Christmas morning?  And how many of you get a lump in your throat as you think about how huge the news is, how overwhelmingly joyful?  I've never been able to make it through the song on Christmas morning itself without having to stop and clear that lump out.

The entire world rejoices in celebration of the birth of the Christ child.  Now let's put it into the context that while we are celebrating a birthday, we are also celebrating the Advent leading up to the second coming.  We rejoice in the past - how will we rejoice in the future?  Listen to the song below, and think about it.

Activity for the Day:  Keep an eye open for litter around you.  Did someone miss the trashcan?  Help them out!  No trashcan in sight - carry a bag with you for the day that you can collect it in.  You could make it a competition among the neighborhood kids - who can find the most litter?

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