Saturday, March 4, 2017

Lent: Week 1, Day 7

Lent is 40 days, but in our church, it excludes Sundays (perhaps to give the pastor time to prepare their sermon).  So this blog will skip Sundays and resume again on Monday.

Today is the day you actually bring everything you've been thinking about this past week to fruition. Today, you sit down and actually write your Letter to God.  The video today is a bit different, as Hannah Tadros describes her experience with the exercise.  She's a brave woman to share that experience, and maybe it will help you be a little more comfortable with the fact that this is not a comfortable exercise.  It's a challenge!

To give you some of the help that Hannah talks about, you can find Br. Mark Brown's article in Cowley Magazine, "Beloved, Marks of Mission, Marks of Love".

The Prophet, by Kahlil Gibran is famous the world over, and you can find the book itself on Amazon or a variety of other bookstores.  But, there's a great poem on love by him that can be found at that link, with many links to other portions of his work.

You are welcome to post your letters on here.  You're also welcome to post them at SSJE, where you'll likely get more feedback, if you're looking for that.  Some will burn their letter to let the wind take the essence of our response to "You are my beloved" to God.  And some will save it away, knowing that God knows their heart, and the struggle that went into writing a letter to Him.

Pray first.  Pray after.  Pray always.  You'll find help with the Holy Spirit.  Just ask.

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