Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Lent: Week 2, Day 4

Wow!  Today's video from SSJE carries a huge impact.  Please make sure you watch it.  Then, if you like the idea, decide how you're going to remember:

  • For what am I most thankful today?  
  • When was I most fully alive today?  
  • How have I received love today?
Br. Ditewig gives some great ideas of how you can track your own stories that will help you proclaim the good news to someone else.  Some ideas include:

  • Take a photograph
  • Collect a stone
  • Paint a picture or symbol (maybe even on the stone)
  • Write a blog
  • Write it onto a piece of paper and put it into a jar to review at the end of the year
  • Make a Jar of Remembrance
Or be creative and do some combination of those.  Feel free to share them here, or share your blog.  All of these ways are both ways to help remind you, and to help you tell someone about your own experience of God in your life.

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