Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Lent: God's Time

Patience, the boon of parents everywhere, is the subject of today's video from SSJE.  God's time is rarely our time - we think that things should happen within our scope of understanding, not quite understanding that God's timing is perfect.  As Br. Luke expounds, what he's expecting in a month, God may be granting in ten years - so, knowing that God's timing is perfect, our responsibility then is to change our expectations.

There's actually a "joke" that fits perfectly with this theme.  But it leads back to the parable about the man who gave each of his servants a number of talents, and what they did with them.  Looking at talents in the modern meaning (rather than the coin), what talents has God planted in you?  And what have you done with them?  How will you answer when God calls you forward?

God has provided you with the seeds, and as yesterday's message indicated, we have to be the best soil possible for those seeds to grow.  In His time, he will come to see the harvest and the fruit you bear, all the while nurturing you, providing you water and sunshine.  

So today, make a list of your blessings - the seeds God planted in you or gave you at Baptism.  And then on another column, list what you have done to develop those seeds.  Does it have to be written down?  No, but seeing it in black and white sets your responsibility directly before your eyes, where you can't ignore it, or perhaps set it aside for another day.  We're here to become part of the beautiful garden of humanity - where are you in your growth cycle?

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