Saturday, February 20, 2016

Lent: Prayer

Creating space for prayer is at the root of today's video from SSJE.  As Br. Geoffrey points out, when our lives get busy and hectic, often, it's prayer that gets the short end of the stick - we take away time usually set aside for praying, for meditation, for taking care of the body God provided to us, to fit in time for more busy-ness.  How important is your relationship with God?  And if, like many people, you put God at the head of the line in order of importance for your relationships - then shouldn't you make time with God a priority?

So today's task - find a definite space for time with God in your daily schedule.  And put that time into the schedule in pen.  Any additional time you spend with God is great, but make sure that your scheduled time has a prominent space in your schedule.

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