Monday, February 15, 2016

Lent: Growth

Getting more into the concept of seeds and how they're planted, today's video talks about the process of growth over which we really have no control, but God does.  The best that we can do is provide the best soil possible for that seed to grow.

In this very cute animation about the Parable of the Sower, where we see the different types of ground on which seeds can be planted.

We know that God's Word are the seeds, but what we need to figure out is how to make the soil of our hearts the best atmosphere in which they can grow.  Letting our hearts be hardened like stone from our experiences will likely make it very difficult for God's Word to take root.  Being sandy and unfirm will ensure that God's Word takes shallow root and the growth is rapid, but dies quickly.  Having vices which can overpower God's Word in our hearts is like choking it with weeds.

But if our body is the Temple for God's Word, then we take care of it; we nurture it, and give it light, room to grow, prayers, and God's plan for us will grow to be what God intends for us.  Even if it may not be what we have in mind for ourselves to start with.

So what sort of "rules" might you think of for being a good Temple, for being good soil?

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