Friday, February 19, 2016

Lent: Spiritual Practices

There's a sermon (by Br. Tristam) that goes with today's video (by Br. Keith) - two separate pieces of input on developing spiritual rules and practices to help us grow into the people we feel God wants us to be.  Both are well worth listening to, and might answer some questions you have about developing a Rule of Life.

The question today asks what spiritual practice will help you grow.  It's asking you to choose one to put into practice now.  How do you choose?

As Br. Tristam says, first, you need a goal - what do you want to achieve?  Then you can ask the question about which practice will lead you further down the path to that goal.  The church has plenty of resources for you, but one rather comprehensive site for such practices can be found at Credo.  Take a look at the categories they have there, and see what appeals to you, what will help you in the path you've set.

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