Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Lent: Creativity

This video talks about inspiration, and how that can be expressed through prayer that may come out in creative ways - through song or art or arranging your room differently.  Creativity doesn't have to be something others might appreciate, but rather what has inspired you to do something different, to express yourself in a new way.

Think about the creativity involved in God's creation of the world.  There's a wide variety of beauty; but then there's also the science and intricacies involved in life, the biological mechanisms and how things work; there are puzzles to figure out; hidden places to explore; planetary bodies that share their light with us in a myriad of ways; cycles of life around us everywhere.  In everything there is creativity in the creation and in the discovery.

So today, what has inspired you?  And what did you *do* with that inspiration?

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