Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Lent: Loving Yourself

We're going to play catch-up here for a little bit, so there may be several blogs posted in a day.  Both SSJE and I have been having technical difficulties.

In cooperating with God's love, we learn that important lesson on how to love yourself - and how others can help you accomplish that.  There are so many times that we have allowed those weeds in our souls to flourish, and to occasionally drown out the voice of God that we are "precious and honored" in God's sight.  So this is to help you learn to listen for the voice of God, and do some weeding.

SSJE is doing this work in Phases, and we have entered Phase 3.  Your homework comes all on one worksheet, but it's going to require thought and prayer and maybe even some meditation.  Be honest with yourself - don't say what you think the world wants to hear, but rather what you actually believe.  Take a look at the Phase 3 Exercise, print yourself out a copy and work on it through this week.

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