Thursday, March 24, 2016

Lent: Love or Attachment

The video on this topic is probably one of the more deeply philosophical concepts the Brothers at SSJE have addressed, so it may take you a time or two through it to determine where this might fit in your life.

Usually, we hear about love as being a specific type or another, generally reverting back to the various Greek words for love:
Agape, or love for everyone
Eros, or sexual passion
Philia, or deep friendship
Ludus, or playful love
Pragma, or longstanding love
Philautia, or love of the self
This discussion today, however, posits that all love comes from God, and that we should focus on that, so that we don't form an attachment to the love we might individually generate, thereby diminishing the connection that could otherwise be full with the presence of God.  Is this a monastic idea or one that we need to seriously consider for ourselves?  And where might it fit into your rule of life?  Take a look. 

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