Thursday, February 28, 2013

One Step at a Time

Today's reflection is recognizable by many who set goals on a regular basis.  For those who forego the whole concept of New Year's Resolutions, there are a ton of sites that give advice on how to actually set goals properly.

The huge list of essentially "the perfect me" or "the perfect we" described in the reflection is one of those perfect world settings that is far too huge and overwhelming to contemplate - so let's have a cookie.  Seriously - ideals are a wonderful thing, but they will remain pipe dreams if you look at the totality and have no clue where to start - so you don't. 

So let's do another exercise.  Set your timer for five minutes (that's more than enough time), and daydream the absolutely perfect you.  My list would likely include such things as being neat and tidy, having a green thumb, being the perfect weight, handling my time better, etc.  When the timer goes off, set your list aside and don't look at it again until tomorrow.

Tomorrow, take your list out, and either number it in order of importance, or close your eyes and point to pick one.  Just one.

Write that one down on a new sheet of paper.  This is the ultimate goal.  So now, you need the steps to actually reach that goal.  We'll use the goal I set for myself this Lent - I'm going to convince myself I have a green thumb.  The past doesn't matter; how I go forward from here is what's important. 

For me, this is going to require a large number of positive affirmations throughout each and every day.  I have them taped to the mirror in my bathroom, the wall beside my computer and next to my bed.  Everywhere I look, I'm reading that I have a nurturing ability, that I can grow plants and that plants will respond to me in a positive fashion by producing good fruit.  So that will get me part way to my goal.  I also have gardening books - a ton that I have collected over the years.  Since osmosis has not seemed to advance my knowledge in the past, I'm actually setting aside time to read the books, learning about how some vegetables seem to help others grow.  As it's still February, I go out to the greenhouse and play in the dirt every day, to develop the habit now before the plants are planted. 

Remember that the ultimate goal is a grand thing, but you can only get there one step at a time.  And those steps should be celebrated as you achieve them.  You are taking steps to get to that "perfect" you.  We are a work in progress, and the Church gives us this time of Lent to help us develop good habits, to help ourselves and others.  Remember to balance the feasting and fasting, taking one step at a time.  You'll get there.

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