Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Universal Constant

Today's reflection points out that the universal constant we have is change.  That each day brings to our life new changes, as we grow from child to adult, from birth to death.  But in the bigger picture of things, we are but a small speck in a universe constantly changing from its own birth, as the eons pass, and yesterday's "ruling class" have become fossils, while today's "head honchos" should take note of the past, even as they seek to change the future. 

While the writer reflects on the nature of man's mortality, one cannot help but remember the old saying - we are not a physical being having a spiritual experience, but rather a spiritual being having a physical experience.  And while certainly, death is an inevitable part of life, it is our faith in Christ that helps us to understand that "life" continues after the death of our mortal shells.

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