Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our Reality

Today's reflection talks about how lenten practices can help us answer the question, "who am I?"  Whether we choose to fast or feed, we gain both aspects of that inner search.  In "fasting" (giving something up), we give ourselves more time, self-awareness, ability to focus without the distraction or presence of something which had been distracting for us.  In "feeding" (adding something to our daily practice), we give up time generally spent doing something, or nothing, that does nothing to feed our spirits.

Evelyn Underhill, in her book Practical Mysticism writes:

The practical man may justly observe at this point that the world of single vision is the only world he knows: that it appears to him to be real, solid, and self-consistent: and that until the existence--at least, the probability--of other planes of reality is made clear to him, all talk of uniting with them is mere moonshine, which confirms his opinion of mysticism as a game fit only for idle women and inferior poets. Plainly, then, it is the first business of the missionary to create, if he can, some feeling of dissatisfaction with the world within which the practical man has always lived and acted; to suggest something of its fragmentary and subjective character.  Underhill, Evelyn (2009-05-05). Practical Mysticism (Kindle Locations 185-190). Bunny Books, Ink.. Kindle Edition.

Again, taking the time to reflect on what we find within us, will help us to determine who we are, allow us to use that CREDO circle tool of questioning our identity, discerning, practicing, and becoming transformed.  Have you chosen to feed or fast this lenten season?

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