Thursday, February 21, 2013

Taking a Step

Today's reflection talks about persistence; setting a goal and being stubborn enough to see it through.  But more importantly, it talks about taking that first step toward the goal. 

Our community tends toward the older end of the scale, although we have a new family that has drastically skewed our average age downward.  As two of them are now members of the Polar Bear Bear Club, they are certainly familiar with that first step (and how cold it can be!).  There are, however, tamer methods of taking steps, one of which is something we have available to us at St. Luke's in Libby - a labyrinth.  A brief description of how one can take that first step can be found here

The interesting thing about those two methods is how public you are.  As a Christian, you have the opportunity to do as the "Iron Nun" does, and ensure that people know you're there, part of that being that you are a representative of your faith, simply by being who you are.  That's a huge responsibility, of course, as to do so will have your every action, word and deed watched to see what exactly a Christian is and does.  (Think Tim Tebow, and the scrutiny the media puts him through.)  A labyrinth is certainly a more private place to find your way to walk closer with God.  Then your thoughts are included among your actions, words and deeds to see what God thinks of you.  No pressure!

But what if you're not exactly the walking, bike-riding, polar-plunging type?  What other ways can you take that step out to explore where you might serve?  For me, it's public speaking - stepping out in front of people to read, to lead a prayer service, to organize a class.  As someone who was painfully shy as a child, who stuttered whenever put in front of people - this is a challenge.  To this day, I practice reading before I get up, meditate and pray that God will allow His words to be heard through my efforts and will reach at least one person's heart. 

So what's your challenge?  And how can we help you to take that first step?

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