Sunday, February 17, 2013

Spiritual Home Building

Today's reflection talks about the pieces we use to build our spiritual home, whether that be a church, your home, or even how you go about your day.  One way of looking at it is to live your life, aware or mindful of the presence of God in everything you do. 

As you sweep your floor, you're not only making your home cleaner, but you can be spiritually cleaning out discord, and things you don't need, while making room for those things you do need and want in your life.

As you wash your dishes, you're not just doing a chore, but using water to wash away those things that eventually become bad for you and your family (germs), and providing a service to your family.

As you drive in your car, be aware of the concept of a prayer wheel, and give each of your tires prayers to say as they spin along the road.

In a more active sense, when you say "Good morning" to someone, rather than making it a greeting, make it a conscious wish for them, that they truly have a good morning, and accompany it with a smile.

And when you participate in the Sunday service, or the Daily Office, be aware of every word you speak, what it truly means and how it fits your beliefs.  Don't say it by rote - use inflection in your voice to make it mean exactly what you mean to say.  (For example, try saying the Lord's Prayer, but emphasize "Thy" and "Thine" everywhere it occurs.)

Be conscious of what you do, and how you can include God in each aspect of your life, no matter how mundane.  Make the mundane holy, and your spiritual home will grow and become a place of comfort, peace and spiritual contentment.

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