Sunday, March 10, 2013


Today's reflection gives us a reminder that judgment is reserved for God. 

What many people don't understand is the concept of discernment, as opposed to judgment.  A very good article on this concept concludes:
We’re not supposed to judge; we’re not supposed to make a call on what is wrong OR right based on our own internal moral code. We’re supposed to discern, with the guidance of the Spirit, what God has already judged. To do otherwise is to say you believe you’re smarter than the creator of the universe. So give up your gavel to God and leave the judging up to Him, but don’t neglect discernment; those with the spirit can discern all things.
 Of course, the author's point was the judgment tends to push out the ability to feel compassion.  This author believes that discernment and compassion can coexist without problem, if people practice a bit of common sense:

How do we balance compassion and caring for one another with the need to think critically, to question what is happening around us, and to discern? The only conclusion I have made in response is simply, I don't know .. but we HAVE to find a way.
When groups polarize … they stop listening to one another. They are not even willing to engage in the discussion BECAUSE the behaviour of the other group is seen as deplorable and sometimes even dangerous. It is very easy to dismiss the substance of important information based on reaction to behaviour.
 A Bible study on discernment lists quite a few verses to help us understand the difference between judgment and discernment. 

So while the reflection helps us to realize that judgment is not within our realm of authority - it is God's alone - common sense should not be thrown out the window as we work to have compassion for those with differing points of view and discern the correct path to take, as we are guided by the Holy Spirit.

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