Thursday, March 7, 2013

Preparing for Spring

I think the author of today's reflection is ready for Spring, and like all of us experiencing Lent, waiting for the rebirth that is reflected all around us.

It's fascinating that we are in the midst of the fasting period, with snows in the morning, gentle rains in the afternoon, but the knowledge that the resurrection will begin soon.  With temperatures in the 50s during the day, the brave crocuses are just beneath the surface, getting ready to send forth their beautiful blooms at the first sign of the Sun. 

From this site: 

According to legend the crocus is connected to Valentine's Day. Valentinus was a 3rd century Roman physician who administered natural remedies. He was also a practicing Christian priest and prayed for his patients' healing. Unfortunately, Christian practices were not permitted under the reign of Claudius II, and Valentine was arrested and sentenced to death.

The jailor's blind daughter was one of Valentine's patients. Just before his excecution, Valentine handed the jailor a note for the blind girl. In the note, he had wrapped a yellow crocus, the source of one of his healing herbs, saffron. As the jailor's blind daughter opened the note, her sight was restored and the first flower she saw was the yellow crocus which rivals the sun in its brightness. On the note, the physician had penned the following message:
~From your Valentine.~ It was the physician's last message and the world's first valentine. The day was February 14, 270 AD.
So as we remember and experience the fasting of this lenten season, remember that we too, will experience the feast of resurrection with the Son for whom we wait.  Like the jailor's daughter, we will see His glory, and like the crocus, we will bloom under His sight.  How do you plan to show that in your life?

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