Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fasting from the Past

Today's reflection talks about fasting from what we've known, whether that be advice from doctors, in the author's case, or beliefs about abilities or simply a new direction that you've never tried.

This year, I chose to fast from my belief that I have a brown (really black) thumb.  Just because it has been true in the past is no reason that I cannot change that going forward.  I am nurturing to children, animals, people - I'm a natural caretaker.  I can grow things and help to feed my family, can and preserve things that I've grown - all with the help of God.  (Have I got you convinced yet?  Spring's coming - I'm still working on my attitude...)

So what would you like to change - what beliefs would you fare better fasting from as you move forward into the future?  (Hey, accidental alliteration - not bad for a Saturday morning without caffeine yet.)

Do you think yourself to be clumsy?  Have you reinforced that opinion over the years?  Some options for changing that (as I used to do that myself, so I'm using the voice of experience here) would be to take a dance class, yoga class, martial arts class, meditation class.  Of course, you don't have to spend money for such classes - grab a buddy and learn on your own.  Practice, practice, practice - until you find that you can walk with grace, and that something will warn you before you walk into a wall or trip over an imagined line in the sidewalk.  It really does work.

Do you think you're less educated, less wise, less cultured than what you would like to be?  There are tons of free classes on the internet.  Over 400 can be found at Open Culture where classes are taught by university professors from all over the world.  Take a look at your local and surrounding area for lectures, museum days, volunteer someplace that provides training to their volunteers.

All of this boils down to fasting from your past habits, beliefs and practices.  There is a feast of opportunity waiting for you.  And don't tell me that you wouldn't know where to start because the list of things you want to change is so long.  Make your list!  Close your eyes.  Pick something.  Now go - do something about it!

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