Saturday, March 2, 2013


Today's reflection talks about the next phase in goal setting - what's known to many as accountability, and finding accountability partners as you stick to whatever goal you have set.  In businesses, you've got business meetings that go over goals and progress, whether you've met your short-term goals, and whether you're still on target for the long-term goal. 

Finding someone to exercise with you is a form of accountability - someone other than yourself expects you to be there, and to help encourage them in their goals as well.  Weight loss is another fairly easy one to find accountability partners for. 

But what if your goal is a bit more private?  What if you want to prove to yourself that you can do this on your own?  Why not let God be your accountability partner?  Pray.  Ask for reminders or conscience jabs or something to get your attention.  Be certain that it's something you want, though, 'cause God as an accountability partner can really be a huge responsibility.  When God expects you to follow through on your goals, it's a bit more difficult to make excuses...

This next link has nothing to do with today's reflection, but I thought it was a cool story that should be shared. 

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