Friday, March 15, 2013

What Are You Fasting From?

With the beginning of the last ten days of Lent, we have a new author again for today's reflection.  Like many of us, she lives a hectic life, where oftentimes care of one's body is far down on the list of things to do, and where convenience often overrides healthy choices.  In the end, she wonders if her fast is not so much from a type of food as from neglect of the physical body she is entrusted with by God. 

So take a look at what you've been doing in this lenten period.  Is it something that common sense would tell you would be a healthy thing to do always?  If so, is it possible that your fast is from some form of abuse you inflict on yourself at times outside of Lent?

And if you've added something to your routine that you didn't do before, were you perhaps neglecting yourself by not doing it before?

So the concept of fasting from abuse and neglect of ourselves and our needs seems like a very good idea.  Will you be going back to your old ways at the end of this time?  Or will you continue as you have been during Lent?  Or will you simply try to be more aware when Lent has ended, so that you are good to yourself in your actions or inactions?

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