Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Different Drummer

Things to Think About

Today's meditation talks about things that we individually hold as dear or important to us, what we value as opposed to what might be practical in the eyes of others.  "By their self-imposed distance from normal life, they see things other people miss."

It's commonly referred to these days as walking to the beat of a different drummer.  As a child, my mother taught me that absolutely every person you meet has something you can learn, if you're willing to listen - because their perspective is different from yours, and different from every other person's out there.  One of the best lessons I ever learned was from a 5-year-old, who taught me that assuming you know something without all the facts - from the perspectives of *all* those involved - is a mistake.  Obviously, that wasn't how she worded it, but that was the lesson learned from her.  One doesn't have to only listen to those who separate themselves from ordinary life - but listen for the perspectives that they might not have otherwise contemplated.

Something Fun for Advent

Make a pine cone bird feeder and attach a little note that says, “Merry Christmas birdies and squirrels!”

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