Monday, December 2, 2013


Things to Make You Think

Today's Credo meditation discusses the all too human habit of expectations and disbelief when our expectations are not fulfilled.  The coming of the Messiah is clearly told in Isaiah 7:14, that he will be born of a virgin and called Emmanuel. 

What, however, are people expecting of their Messiah?  That He would be a king, would lead armies and overcome the current lives they had; that His coming would be glorious and seen throughout the world.  What a disbelief so many had when Jesus arrived, born in a manger, and traveled and lived among the plain people of the day.  And despite Daniel clearly stating that His ministry would be suddenly cut off, the people of the day believed He should be long-lived.  People held fast to their expectations, choosing not to see beyond the images into the actual substance and reality. 

Andrew Hess put together a great blog about what Jesus Himself said regarding His return.  And while Revelation goes into great detail about the dream of John, again, many people expect that dream to be reality.  Dreams tend to be symbolic - and while the dream and what Jesus said are not incompatible, the truth is, we really don't know what to expect.  Just don't let your expectations blind you to reality when the time comes.

Something Fun for Advent

Build a nativity snack – Gingerbread house kits are in abundance at Christmas, but bring Jesus back to the focus of Christmas and build a Nativity set. You will need four large pretzel rods, two graham crackers, one Hershey Treasure candy, one Tootsie Roll candy, two pretzel sticks, one marshmallow, five animal crackers and the Nativity snack directions. (You also will need waxed paper and a container of frosting.)

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