Sunday, December 1, 2013

Incredulity Warmup? or Miracles of Birth?

Things to Make You Think

Today's meditation from Credo brings up several topics in a short 3 minutes that can take a lifetime of discussion to even come to a conclusion over:  virginity, sexuality, the miracle of birth, adjustments to be made in thinking and accepting "facts" on faith.  And even with that lifetime of discussion, reasoning, deductive and inductive thinking, it will always be a personal decision on the part of the individual whether you accept an incredible event written about in the Bible. 

With all of the advancements of science, we often find that those who are skeptics attempt to apply scientific theory to the events of history.  That, by itself, makes no sense, as science requires the ability to reproduce the same results in a repetitive fashion.  History, on the other hand, is always documented with the author's particular view of events, their own beliefs ingrained in their writing.  Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry discusses the requirement by those who have no belief in God for extraordinary proof (rather than the proofs generally required for historical events) of events that those of you reading this blog will generally have decided that you accept on both ordinary proof and faith.

So as we start down this road in Advent, leading to the birth of Jesus, the Christ, we challenge you to think about what you believe, why you believe it, and how that affects your life and actions today.  Because if you are going to accept something on Faith, should that not be reflected in your daily life?

Something Fun for Advent

Over the course of Advent, we'll find ideas on the web of how people celebrate Advent.  Here's today's:

Make an Advent Paper Chain.  Each day we chose three things to pray for, and wrote one name on each link: someone we didn’t know (a four-year old girl in India), someone we did know (a friend or relative), and some way we’d like to grow (wisdom, etc). We kept adding to the chain, and by Christmas could ‘wrap our tree in prayer’. 

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