Saturday, December 28, 2013

Faith Is Choosing to Believe

Things to Think About

Christmas Eve's meditation is about the concept of faith - and that part of what forms our belief is the desire that Christ's presence is true.  We are able to find evidence in nearly everything around us, from the laugh of a baby and the miracle of birth to the rainbows that appear after storms.  It is that desire to believe that helps us find those things - not quite the scientific method that so many would like to use as a standard.  But faith is not scientific - it is a choice, and a choice that we make every day. 

When you're feeling down or lonely (sounds like the beginning to a song, doesn't it?), remember to consciously make that choice, and realize that you're not alone.  The joy of Christ's birth is always present - as Christians, we only have to look around, and find the evidence.  And listen for that voice that can help you know without doubt that you are loved, and not alone.

Something Fun for Advent

Find someplace close that's got a live Nativity play and take the family before or after your Christmas Eve service.  When you get home, have hot chocolate with marshmallows, and talk about the Gift God is giving all of us this Christmas.

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