Sunday, December 8, 2013

First Saturday in Advent

Things to Think About

My sincere apologies for this blog being late.  This meditation gives us much to contemplate - the most telling statement being, "It was not in its virtue that humankind's readiness for Christ lay; our readiness lay, as it continues to abide, in our need."  While humanizing God is something that often makes humans more comfortable in the familiar, it is a reality that does not exist.
Perhaps this might help to remind us that we should strive to have the faith of Abraham when he and Isaac were on the mountain.  God will always provide, though we may not understand how.

As humans, we are subject to time in a linear fashion, but think about God, who is not.  He provides us with His only Son - past, present and future - as His constant symbol of His love for us.

Something Fun for Advent

Buy a small gift for a child in the long-term care wing of the children’s ward, and bring a bouquet of flowers for his/her mother.  Or, if you are as so many of us, running short on cash, create a gift either through re-purposing something you have, or perhaps creating a craft kit (crayons, printing out pictures to color (Crayola provides Christmas pics), glue, cardboard, felt, markers, blank paper, glitter, pipe cleaners, etc.) and picking flowers if you're in an area where you can, or creating a picture for the mom.

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